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About the Annema

The Annema is a brand new hotel, restaurant, that features air conditioned rooms, private swimming pool and a local harbour with docking facilities. 300 metres to our right there is an excellent often deserted beach giving unrivalled swimming in both salt water, and the freshwater springs which flow into the sea, and on clear days one may dive down to explore the ancient submerged ruined town. 120 metres to the left you can find the fisherman's harbour, with ideal facilities for private yachts and motor launches.

We have 22 rooms (16 with a sea-view, and 20 with balconies) all of which feature wooden floors, and a tiled en-suite private shower/toilet. In addition we have two large balconies for entertaining guests (27m2 each) at either end of the building. All rooms feature secure (non-magnetic strip) key-card locks & metal card keys, with energy saving provisions for lights.

Our facilities have proven capable of catering for 800 people at a wedding meal, yet we are equally happy with much smaller numbers, and we can provide sleeping arrangements for 49 people - or in real terms: a whole bus! Parking provision will easily support 20-35 cars, though we have had over 120 cars without having to resort to illegal parking!

Boring Statistics

  • 22 en-suite rooms
  • Each room containing...
    1. Tv / Radio
    2. Hair-Dryer
    3. Air Conditionaing
    4. En-Suite Shower and Toilet
  • Reception Area Size: 50m2
  • Restaurant Area Size: 180m2
  • Kitchen Size: 27m2
  • Total Floor Plan: 380m2 (not including balconies)
  • Public Balcony Size: 27m2 each
  • Patio Area overlooking Sea: 700m2
  • Catering Capacity: tested up to 800 people successfully
  • Sleeping Capacity: 49 people
  • Private Swimming Pool
  • Wood Fireplace in Restaurant

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